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Street Arts We Love from Cihangir and Cukurcuma

Museums and galleries do deliver art to its spectators, streets do that do. Istanbul is a city of surprises and great works of art for street art enthusiasts. Getting lost in the streets of Cihangir and Cukurcuma, you’ll take steep stairs, go through narrow roads and sometimes walk down sloped roads, also you’ll be getting to see very good street art.

Street art tells a lot about its surrounding, aesthetics and mood. And its a great expression of freedom, and being seen!

I probably have walked the streets of our neighborhood a thousand times. While I was taking another walking tour for this blog article, I get to realize that street arts been drawn over, had grown to a bigger scale, sometimes been completed by another artist, and other times just faded along with the wall. So to simply put it, they just go along with time and street.

I will draw a simple map, and share photos of some of my favorites along the way.

Sadri Alisik Street

Faik Pasa Street

Bogazkesen Street

Tomtom Kaptan Street

Baba Ocagi Street

Bostanbasi Street

Altipatlar Street

Cubukcu Street

Yeni Yuva Street

Sesame Street

Lenger Street

Here is our trail to street arts, might be an inspiration for your route!

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