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About us

We, at Rene Homes, are a family of four.

Rene is a former chef. She loves traveling, hunting for antiques and second hand books and playing tennis. Music is an integral part of her everyday life. Few of her favorite things are: wandering at the streets of Cihangir and Cukurcuma on Sundays with Cem, walking Marlo and watching him get treats, renovating houses for Rene Homes and turning them to much loved spaces. And, most recent activity is feeding and loving their son Han every day!

Cem is a former contemporary dancer, now owns his music and event production company. The first thing that comes into mind about him, is his black horn rimmed glasses, thick curly hair, and a big smile on his face. Enjoys good music, good food, and action movies of all kind. His favorite activities are; walking the streets of Cihangir and Cukurcuma with Rene on Sundays, taking naps with Marlo, sailing and traveling to new places. And, most recent activity is feeding and loving their son Han every day!

Han is the newest member of our family! He is the son of Rene and Cem, born in July 8, 2023. For now his days are occupied with feeding, sleeping and making cute noises. We will keep you updated on his new daily adventures!

Marlo is the furry fourth member of the Rene Homes family. He has been adopted by Rene and Cem at 2, and has been living with them for another 2 years. He requires constant patting, hugging, and occasional fetching. Loves licking the faces of the people he adore, and can’t stop stealing food when he is left alone. He is working at Rene Homes at welcoming guests. Wof!

At Rene Homes, we always aim to create spaces with warmth, feeling and liveliness. We believe in the moods of furnitures and objects. And always prioritize good material, along with function and comfort while designing. Our homes are called homes, not houses, as they are places with interesting reads, board games, spacious working spaces, indoor plants and cosy spots. Being in contact with each and every guest, and responding the promptly with information and recommendations they need is utterly important, as much as we love our homes, we also love our city, and aim every guest to experience it genuinely!

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